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As we continue to combat COVID-19, we continue to learn more about what we can do to withstand the ever-growing waves. This recent wave was due to two large factors: the Delta variant and unvaccinated individuals. In fact, more than 95% of all hospitalizations are unvaccinated individuals. But why should you get vaccinated, really? Explore the facts with Lourdes Urgent Care in Youngsville.

Being Unvaccinated Is a Risk

The biggest reason why you should get vaccinated is that you’re putting yourself at increased risk by not doing so. Delta is running rampant throughout the country, and the numbers are only continuing to rise. An overwhelming majority of those dying or hospitalized have been unvaccinated. Simply put, vaccinations help you build your immune system so you can withstand or deflect if the virus tries to latch on.

Of course, the vaccine isn’t an end-all solution. But, if you get sick after being vaccinated, you are at a much lower risk of death or even hospitalization. You are much more likely to get a weak strain that leads to a few bad days. That sounds much better than possibly facing a life-threatening situation.

Another excellent reason to receive your vaccine is that, in addition to protecting you, it could also protect those around you. Some individuals may be unable to become vaccinated for medical reasons, including those with compromised immune systems. However, there is evidence to support the idea that a population that achieves herd immunity could also help in safeguarding medically vulnerable populations from the disease. Herd immunity can be reached when enough people have developed protective antibodies against future infection. And vaccination can play a crucial part in achieving that goal. By getting your COVID-19 vaccine, you can contribute toward a healthier future for yourself and others.

Get Vaccinated Today!

Getting vaccinated is a simple process. Find the location nearest you and see if you can get something scheduled soon. Unless you’re taking the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you’re going to receive two shots. The second shot is administered approximately 21 days after the first. And once two weeks have passed after the second injection, you’re considered “fully vaccinated” as the vaccination is now providing its full protection.

Lourdes Urgent Care in Youngsville is here to help when you need a COVID test with easy and convenient online check-in. Even better, we offer rapid testing to get you in and out quickly. And, if you don’t qualify for a rapid test, we also offer send-off tests that can give results within a week. Trust Lourdes Urgent Care in Youngsville to help you feel better, faster. 

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