As we start getting into the holiday season, people will soon be firing up their ovens, lighting up their stoves, and sharpening their carving knives. While you’re prepping your holiday dishes, at Lourdes Urgent Care we will be preparing burn salves and bandages. That’s because when you’re in the middle of whipping up a Thanksgiving feast, it’s easy to get a burn or a cut. So, here’s some things to keep an eye on as you mash your potatoes and get your turkey in the oven.

Be Particular with Knife Placement

When you’re rushing around preparing a meal, it’s very easy to put your cutting knife down and then accidentally grab the blade when you go to pick it up again. That’s why it’s important to always be sure you carefully put the knife down in an easy to see spot and look before you reach for it.

Remember to Turn Off Your Kitchen Appliances

Another thing you don’t want to be distracted for is the oven or stove. When you’re cooking multiple dishes on the stove and pulling things out of the oven, forgetting to make sure you’ve turned everything off can be very easy. When you’re done using a burner or the stove, always check to make sure that you’ve switched it to off. Even if you think you have, double-checking will keep you from putting something that burns easily- like your hand- down on a burner that’s still hot. Plus, this will help prevent a possible kitchen or house fire!

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Try to keep the kitchen clear of people who aren’t cooking. If there’s several people preparing dishes, plus others walking in and out, the chances of a person bumping into someone or knocking something over become quite high. And if the thing that gets knocked over is hot, it can be both messy and quite painful. So, if there’s cooks in the kitchen, be sure to ask others to step out!

Wash Your Hands Frequently

And finally, be sure to wash your hands, especially if you’re preparing raw meats. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria, both to yourself, and to your holiday guests! This will also help keep nasty germs and bugs from getting at you, so washing your hands in general around the holidays is a very good idea.

Savor the season, trust us with your health! 

The good news is, even if you get a cut or a burn, Lourdes Urgent Care is here to help you feel better, faster. In addition to being able to treat minor burns, cuts, and lacerations, we can also help if you pick up a bug from someone visiting. Simply walk in at any time, or you can book your check-in time online. To learn more about Lourdes Urgent Care, you can call us, or learn more on our website.